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Do it right from the start.

Purchasing a house is likely the largest investment you will make. That’s why we’ve instituted our BuySmart Program, assessing your housing needs and prioritizing your housing wants.

We use a seven-step assessment to ground your search.

Budget. All five of us own homes, and we can tell you that there’s more than just a mortgage as an expense in home ownership. There are property taxes, insurance, utilities, lawn care, exterior care, interior care. This is the time to be real about the costs involved in owning a home.

Location. For obvious reasons. But what’s a priority in your location? Schools? Commute? Proximity to recreation, parks and beaches?

Lifestyle. How do you want to live in your house? Will you entertain? Will you host holidays? How much maintenance are you willing to tackle yourself?

Layout. How does your family live? Do you like to cook together? Watch TV together? Do you mind stairs? Do you mind sharing a bathroom?

Property. Do you want a large piece of land, or a tiny lot? Views? Flat? Hills? Low maintenance or high maintenance?

Property value. Are you looking for a short-term home or is this your forever home?

Wants. Write them down and rank them.



Finding your advocate

We match you with the right team agent in the BuySmart process. Our collective skills extend to technology, area expertise, zoning laws, and staging, just to name a few. Newport Living Group team members are continuously training and gaining knowledge on what’s new locally and in the industry.

We’ll help you navigate the process with our BuySmart search.

The BuySmart home search involves the following steps.

Educating you on the market. We provide you with a Newport Living Group statistical analysis of the market, detailing sales, length of days on market, absorption rate. In addition, we provide a custom report for the market niche in which your home search falls.

Search parameters. Price range, location, house specifications, lot specifications. The more defined your parameters are—whether they be narrow or wide—the easier it is to decide what homes to tour.

Listing notifications. You’ll receive alerts, the frequency determined by you, of homes that fit the bill.

Touring. Looking is the fun part! Grab your comfy shoes, and we’ll look under the hood of the homes you’ve selected to preview and the homes we may have highlighted for you.

Negotiation. It’s part of the home-buying game, and it’s important to know that we are on your side. We are fierce but fair. Our end game is that you not only get a good price, but that the terms of your deal are amenable.

Inspection. Not for the weak of heart, but also essential to understanding the whole picture of your house. The inspector(s) takes a good look at the house’s structure, systems, the well and septic system, if applicable, and may run tests on the water potability and the air quality. This is essential not only to protect you as a buyer, but because it’s also at the heart of understanding your purchase. This is the time to find out what is past its useful life, what probably will need to be replaced or updated, as well as to discover any hidden improvements with which you weren’t aware. You’ll receive an inspection report, which is a tool for understanding how your house works. We’ll go through that report with you and provide guidance on any post-inspection negotiations with the seller.

Mortgage process. This is a very personal journey for you. You’ll be working closely with the bank, and there will be a home appraisal conducted by the bank during that time. We’re supportive and can provide guidance if necessary.

Clear to close. Those are magic words to buyers, sellers and agents alike. It means the bank has deemed your home purchase good to go.



Post Purchase follow through is important.

What really sets us apart is our client care after the sale. We stay in touch, answering home ownership questions, ensuring your property is taxed fairly and providing referrals to experts for your specific concerns. Sometimes you may just need to run home improvement ideas by us.

We also keep you informed of Newport events through our hyperlocal lifestyle reporting and market condition reports. Our buyers repeatedly refer us to their friends, family and colleagues, and our hope is that you will do the same.

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We are constantly working to improve both professionally and personally..

Our mission is to provide the highest and best service to our buyers & sellers in all aspects of the real estate field. We are a team of professionals that take our careers very seriously and are constantly growing in our expertise and education. We are firmly committed to the long term benefits of our clients.

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